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In high-tech products and systems, problems are never restricted to only one domain. For example, an electromagnetic field may cause heat dissipation, which in turn can induce mechanical distortion. Therefore, analysis requires a multi-domain approach toward a combination of physical phenomena – multiphysics. We apply first-principle analytics, computer models and experimental methods to analyse complex engineering problems. For extensive model studies we use high-performance hardware and advanced software. We have in-house experimental lab and test facilities, where we (produce and) investigate proof-of-principle set-ups, functional models and prototypes.


  • analytics, simulation, experiment
  • fluid dynamics, thermal engineering, electromagnetism, structural mechanics, nuclear physics, vacuum engineering, acoustics & vibrations 
  • CFD, FEM, CEM, LEM, Monte Carlo
  • Ansys, Comsol Multiphysics, Fluent, CFX, FLUKA, SimulationX, Matlab/Simulink


For analysis and simulation, we use established techniques and software products. Our expertise lies in solving complex engineering problems, not in producing sophisticated code. When required, we can extend known methods with dedicated applications. Also, we have developed a lumped-element modelling (LEM) suite, dedicated for thermodynamics (including cryogenics), which includes off-the-shelf and proprietary components with detailed specifications. We use simulation techniques such as FEM and CFD to predict the accuracy and stability of entire systems, even before a first prototype has been realized. To further extend our capabilities, we have access to a wide variety of in-house expertises, for example to combine analysis with design and documentation reviews.


Irene van Eerden.

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tightening requirements and upcoming challenges.

Multiphysics analysis is becoming more and more challenging. Product and system requirements continue to tighten in terms of dynamic performance, thermal management, magnetic shielding, etc. Upcoming challenges include the energy transition, calling for the analysis of new energy production, conversion and storage processes, quantum technology, with its own cooling problems, and noise control. Analysis of a product’s noise generation can provide solutions for upgrading user experience and preventing noise-signalled degradation – analysis leading to improvement.




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