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software architecture & design.

In our multidisciplinary systems engineering approach, software engineering is a mission-critical part of every project. It starts with system architecture definition and covers a wide variety of software development challenges. This ranges from complex, real-time control of high-tech systems, to secure, fully compliant embedded software for medical devices, to advanced, user-friendly interface designs for robust industrial and consumer products. We have specialized in model-based design and make use of automatic code generation for accelerating software development.


  • system architecture definition and model-based design
  • C, C++, C#, Python


  • Matlab, Simulink, LabView
  • μ-controller, industrial/embedded PC, PLC, FPGA, DSP

computational speed, signal integrity, energy efficiency.

Depending on the system requirements in a project, we select a suitable platform – or several platforms, to distribute functionality for computational speed and efficiency. We make clever use of standard software components that either come with the platforms or have been created in-house. We have built up extensive expertise of communication/radio technologies, ranging from Bluetooth for local, e.g. point-of-care, data exchange to wide-area IoT networks. To ensure signal integrity, we rely on the elegant interplay between the electronics and the software. For ultralow-power devices, we produce energy-efficient code and optimize software-controlled power-state switching.


Irene van Eerden.

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cyber security and data compliancy.

In software development, we adopt an agile way of working, for fast iterations during the proof-of-principle phase. We integrate this agile approach in the well-known V-model systems engineering method, while focusing on design-for-testability. AI techniques, in particular machine learning, are increasingly integrated in our software development. For medical and other critical software applications, we follow the latest cyber-security and data-compliancy guidelines. To complete our (post-market) service, we raise our customers’ awareness in these matters and help them to keep their products up to date with the regulations.




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data science & machine learning


industrial design




optics & vision

quality & regulatory compliance

system architecture & design

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