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Scientific progress leads to new applications in medical diagnostics, forensic- and life-science analysis and industrial quality monitoring. We support OEMs of analytical equipment in keeping up with the evolution of the analytical field. For this, we develop innovative analysis solutions, design precision instruments and support data analysis with artificial intelligence.


specializing in optical analysis

Many innovations in analysis derive from optical methods. We have extensive experience with analysis techniques and optical techniques in particular. These range from microscopy (e.g., fluorescence, electron, ion and scanning probe) and spectroscopy (e.g., Raman, X-ray, fluorescence and UV), including cytometry, to mass spectrometry and hyperspectral imaging. We combine this with our optomechatronics expertise to build precision analysis instruments. We also develop state-of-the-art interpretation methods, covering data and image analysis, pattern recognition and trend analysis, and including AI applications. For innovating the analytical process flow and enhancing lab automation we can, for example, streamline sample preparation or introduce new analysis features.

Jan Heeringa

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“we have mastered the physics and chemistry of analysis.”

We have in-depth knowledge of advanced methods for analyzing the composition and structure of substances and materials. As we have mastered the physics and chemistry of analysis, we can help OEMs in developing new analytical concepts and deploying new (optical) techniques. In particular, we are experienced in the industrialization of analytical processes, for example by miniaturizing a new design into a lab-on-a-chip.


more market segments.





thermal management

thin-film technology

ultra-high vacuum

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