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The effect of cardiovascular healthcare is highly dependent on the patient’s condition. We develop solutions for optimizing the treatment of cardiovascular and related conditions by providing safe and reliable support to the patient. Our elaborate expertise in advanced control technology, diagnostic techniques and artificial intelligence is crucial for this purpose.


safe and reliable solutions, patient-centric designs

Cardiovascular conditions and interventions require optimal treatment of blood and accurate monitoring and control of blood circulation. We use our extensive experience with medical technology to develop solutions that optimally support cardiovascular healthcare. These include modules, systems and wearable devices. We know how to handle blood carefully, measure and control parameters such as flow, pressure and temperature, and translate cardiac data into clinically relevant information. Our electronic – cardiac-floating – products conform to the highest safety standards. Our patient-centric product designs fit the ergonomic requirements and space restrictions of clinical practice.

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“medical technology runs through our veins.”

Our systems enable healthcare professionals to carry out their tasks safely and reliably and increase the patients’ prospects for recovery. For example, by safely supplying blood or accurately measuring blood flow. With smart controls, intelligent algorithms and common sense we contribute to the quality of life.


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