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free-space optics

Aerospace applications, ranging from satellite communications to astronomical research and earth observation, rely on the quality of optical instrumentation. Challenges include the extreme conditions, the strict volume and mass limitations, and the atmospheric disturbances. We develop advanced optomechatronics systems for accurate conditioning and pointing of incoming wavefronts and outgoing laser beams.


next-generation optomechatronics

Next-generation data communication using laser signals between ground stations and satellites will be at the terabit per second level. This sets high demands on data quality and processing speed for the required communication terminals. They have to be equipped with high-end mirrors for extremely accurate pointing, wavefront sensors for adaptive optics, and high-level functional fpga programming for efficient data processing. To meet these requirements for laser satellite communication as well as and other applications, we develop high-quality optomechatronics solutions and build space-qualified systems.

Albert Borreman

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“we can achieve cost down for high-volume production.”

We closely collaborate with the FSO consortium in developing free-space optics, offering a unique combination of optics, mechatronics and vision knowledge together with our production expertise. Using design for manufacturing, we streamline assembly and achieve cost down for high-volume production. We can also customize systems for specific dimensions and working ranges.


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