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in-vitro diagnostics.

Trends such as personalized healthcare, companion diagnostics and home treatment rely on fast in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) at the point of care. We support providers of IVD technology in the research phase and develop and manufacture certified IVD solutions that are robust and user- and patient-friendly. For IVD disposables, we create cost-effective designs and have access to in-house expertise for production automation.


from assay to device to cloud

IVD offers opportunities in the field of microbiology, immuno- and clinical chemistry as well as molecular diagnostics. Because we understand the biochemistry behind the analysis, we are able to design and build a suitable instrument around this. Drawing upon our regulatory knowledge, including the new IVDR, and our manufacturing experience, we support assay development and validation. For device development, we use our experience in user-centered design and system integration and automation, and our multiphysics simulation capabilities. We also bring in our knowledge of relevant technological innovations in fields such as miniaturization for portability, cloud connectivity and machine learning.

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“we support OEMs and start-ups alike.”

We support established OEMs as well as start-ups in bringing their IVD solutions to market. This ranges from research and product development to certification, quality assurance and production. In projects, we tackle technical challenges, for example in metrology, as well as commercial challenges, such as tight time-to-market and cost-price targets.


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