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High-tech systems delivering complex functionality must meet strict specifications. For qualification, OEMs use tooling that in turn is subject to even stricter specifications. We draw on our broad mechatronics expertise for designing, building and qualifying the required qualification equipment. For less demanding tasks, we develop production tools that can automatically execute inline qualification processes.


complex equipment, smart procedures

Qualification of a high-tech system and its modules/sub-modules requires complex tooling solutions. For their design, we combine our mechatronics competencies with in-depth knowledge of the system to be qualified, its interfaces and advanced operating system software. We conduct failure mode and effects analyses to determine the required parameter qualifications and tests, and can advise on processing of the tool’s data output. For qualifying the qualification tool, we are able – together with our customers – to develop a “golden sample” and create clever criteria to prevent false positives and minimize false negatives.

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“we deliver reliable qualification tools that can check hundreds of functions and parameters.”

We can design a user-friendly qualification tool as the emulation of the real-life environment in which the system to be qualified will operate. Agile tool development, concurrently with the customer’s system development, allows for changing system requirements and control software that is under construction. In the initial design phase, we already consider the accommodation of any subsequent system design updates and define the specifications accordingly. We carry out turnkey projects and offer first-line support, to minimize downtime of the customer’s operation.


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