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radiation oncology.

In oncology, adaptive radiation procedures can produce an optimal, personalized therapeutic result. We use our expertise in positioning, imaging, dosimetry, artificial intelligence and connectivity-by-design to develop solutions for (adaptive) radiation therapy. These include treatment devices, verification tooling, and applications and equipment for safety and monitoring. Our systems and services integrate seamlessly into the oncology workflow.


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Personalization of radiation therapy requires synchronization of the radiation plan with the current condition of the patient and the tumor. We develop precision systems for controlling patient positioning and alignment and radiation beam collimation, solutions for therapy planning, and tools for QA measurements and verification of image processing. For this, we draw from our mechatronics systems engineering background and our expertise in optics and vision. We optimize designs using our extensive simulation experience (FEM, multiphysics) and broad materials knowledge, for example of tissue degradation. We address data compatibility and connectivity at all levels, from hardware (sensors, devices) to software (medical application) and the cloud (medical care enterprise).

Jan-Willem Doosje

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“we develop innovations that optimize the oncology workflow and data flow.”

Today’s radiotherapy is a complex, multi-system, data-driven clinical endeavor. Interoperability and communication between systems are key to make treatment safer and more efficient. As an independent systems engineering specialist, we develop innovations that optimize the oncology workflow. These include verification tooling for DICOM-RT, the digital imaging and communications in medicine standard for radiation therapy. For this, we collaborate with the American Association of Physics in Medicine (AAPM) and the Integrating Healthcare Enterprise initiative for radiation oncology (IHE-RO).


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