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regenerative medicine.

Cell technology and/or tissue engineering hold major promise in healthcare, particularly in the field of celltherapy, regenerative medicine and organ on a Chip. We develop reliable and efficient enabling technology (e.g. upstream and downstream technology, microfluidics, liquid handling, bioreactors) for these biotech applications.


good mechatronics and manufacturing practice.

Biomedical technologies such cell technology and tissue engineering are making the transition to large-scale clinical applications, for example in regenerative medicine and biopharma. We develop efficient manufacturing technology and test tooling to enable the reliable production of the required materials. For this, we combine our mechatronics and systems engineering expertise with our experience in medical device development, biotechnology and Good Manufacturing Practice. We apply the highest quality standards and strict documentation, qualification and verification guidelines for this purpose.

Michiel Jannink

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“we combine multidisciplinary engineering with biotechnology.”

In multidisciplinary high-tech/biotech teams we provide technology development for academic and industrial partners. For example, we develop scale-up solutions for the production of specific stem cells or tissues, or equipment for streamlining biopharmaceutical production. This way we help offer perspective on curing diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson.


more market segments.


critical care

diagnostic imaging

home treatments & wearebles

interventional systems

in-vitro diagnostics

radiation oncology

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