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Moore’s law continues to dictate the pace of the semiconductor industry. We tackle physical challenges posed by the ongoing miniaturization. Following a multidisciplinary approach, we further optimize performance and cost effectiveness of semiconductor processes, in the front-end as well as the back-end. We develop mechatronics solutions – systems, modules and qualification tools – that meet the highest specifications.


reaching for new technological frontiers.

In the semiconductor industry, the drive is towards smaller, faster and more accurate. With every next process node, new challenges and demanding, sometimes even conflicting requirements arise. These concern accuracy, cleanliness, thermal control, unexpected disturbances and previously unobserved phenomena, for example when stage accelerations go as high as 30-40 g. We study the physics at play to understand the underlying problem and develop mechatronics solutions that reach for new technological frontiers. We complement our broad mechatronics expertise with high-end optics, advanced simulations and big data analysis to realize better products and services even faster.

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“we provide maximum throughput in development and operation.”

The semiconductor industry is part of our DNA. In the front-end we use all of our mechatronics competencies to help OEMs and system suppliers to satisfy high overlay demands and achieve maximum throughput. We combine that experience with our industrialization expertise to build efficient, Moore-compatible systems for the back-end.


more market segments.





thermal management

thin-film technology

ultra-high vacuum

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