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thermal systems & control.

In aerospace, deep cold and large temperature gradients prevail. Controlling thermal system behaviour is therefore paramount, including the suppression of thermal noise in sensitive measuring instruments orbiting earth. We design thermal management solutions, develop systems and components for extreme environments, and supply innovative cooling technology.


analyzing, modelling, designing and realizing.

Thermal challenges require extensive knowledge of multi-physical processes and materials behaviour, in particular the interplay between thermal, fluidic and vacuum phenomena. We are able to analyze and predict the operation of a complete thermal system in detail, using proprietary (LEM, lumped-element model) and commercial (CFD, FEM) modelling methods. By applying smart design principles, we efficiently counteract the thermomechanical effects of extreme temperature differences. We are specialized in contactless heat transfer and both passive and active cooling. For this, we make clever use of heat switches and sinks, heat exchangers, thermoelectric coolers and phase-change materials.

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“we keep thermal drift and mechanical vibration levels low.”

We design effective, launch-proof and autonomous, solutions for controlling thermal behaviour in various aerospace applications, such as satellites and transport containers used in aviation. In addition, we develop and build (cryogenic) (micro) cooling systems as own products. One of our innovations is a cryocooling system without any moving parts that exhibits low thermal drift and mechanical vibration levels.


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