DemcAir ICU ventilator: robust and easy to use

Demcon Macawi respiratory systems developed the DemcAir during 2020 for the Dutch Government with the objective to support Covid-19 patients on ICU’s. We offer a solution for a short time to market introduction of your own branded ICU ventilator, by licensing of the DemcAir. The DemcAir can be adapted to your own specifications and wishes in order to make an indigenous and unique ICU ventilator.


Top quality turbine driven ICU ventilator. Intuitive user interface. ready to license for local sourcing and assembly.

Licensing and customization

License includes all detailed mechanical, electrical and software documentation including GUI source code and CAD files. Fully verified design and assembly instructions. Possibility to customize to your own requirements.

Shortest time to market

Possibility to evaluate DemcAir at your site. Touch and feel the innovative Macawi respiratory technology. The Macawi engineering team is available online with video connection for technical support.


Pre-compliance tests executed, ready for CE certification.

Fully customizable