Macawi Respiratory Module: disruptive by design

The Macawi Respiratory Module is an easy to integrate and highly flexible solution for ventilation. Contains all invasive and non-invasive ventilation modes, can be used for neonatal, pediatric and adult patients, and includes oxygen mixing.


Full functional ventilation engine ensuring a head start in your ventilator development.

All ventilation modes available

All pressure, volume and continuous flow controlled modes and maneuvers are already integrated.

Triple A for ICU

Suitable for invasive and non-invasive use. Maximum pressure, 100 mbar. Low noise level, below 40 dB(A). Long blower lifetime, over 45.000 operating hours. Maximum tidal volume, 3.000 mL. Max PEEP, 50 mbar. Proximal and distal patient monitoring. IEC 80601-2-12.

Reliable in the most challenging circumstances

Proven solution for transport and emergency ventilation. Maximum mobility with turbine blower technology. Compact and light design. Low energy consumption. High durability. Shock and vibration according to RTCA/DO-160G.

Protective for the most vulnerable

Minimal tidal volume of 2 mL. Maximum respiratory rate of 200 breaths/minute.

Short time to market

We continuously support you with our customer support team. From a plug and play evaluation kit, up to video conferences with your development team.


The module is developed to comply with all relevant standards, including biocompatibility and oxygen compatibility.

Discover the respiratory module yourself