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Climbing to the sky for cancer research


A total of 19 colleagues of DEMCON participated in Alpe d’HuZes, a Dutch charity event last week.
Alpe d’HuZes, is a unique annual sporting event where as much money as possible is raised for cancer research and for improving the quality of life of people with cancer.
On a single day, 5000 participants bike, hike or run the Alpe d’Huez.

On this mountain in the French Alps, best known for the Tour de France cycling event, participants attempt a maximum of six climbs to the top, under the motto ‘giving up is not an option’.
Among them were 3 members of the Macawi team, Ben van den Elshout; John Vissers and Patrick Kleuskens.

Together our colleagues raised over 65.000 euros during this event.
In total a record amount of 17.022.738 euro was raised this year.
Every euro donated to the Alpe d’HuZes goes directly and for the full 100% to cancer research.

Ben van den Elshout getting a cool down during one of his six climbs.

John Vissers looks back on a succesfull event in the french Alps. He is one of the few participants who varied between running and cycling.

Patrick Kleuskens, together with 18 Demcon colleagues, raised over 65.000 euros during the Alpe d’HuZes charity event.

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