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DemcAir ventilation system.


At the beginning of the corona crisis, the Dutch government asked us to produce ventilation systems on an urgent basis. The request was due to the threatening shortage of such systems for treating patients in intensive care. We managed to develop, produce and test a comprehensive ventilation system within one month. We supplied 500 fully CE-certified DemcAir units.

unique respiratory technology.

The DemcAir ventilation system is based on the unique respiratory technology we developed for use with any patient, ranging from neonate until an adult patient. We have been producing ventilation modules for years and are delivering them globally. Even though we already had these modules and we structured the full system in the simplest possible way, it nevertheless was a complex challenge. We devoted a great deal of attention to safety and ease of use, and carefully tested the unit.

intensive cooperation.

We were able to build on the experience we gained in medical product development over the past ten years. Our systems development expertise and our knowledge of medical product certification in particular were crucial. It was possible to create the system as fast as we did thanks to the intensive cooperation within and outside Demcon. Over forty partners were involved in its development: suppliers of critical components and submodules, hospitals for clinical testing, DEKRA for the certification process and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS).

“we delivered according to the government’s expectations.”

Government placed an order for 500 units with us. Because, while we had acquired a lot of knowledge of and experience with respiratory technology, we had never before supplied a complete ventilation system. With every possible effort, at times working day and night, we managed to make a contribution to the major challenge of the time, providing optimum patient treatment.

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