Shift in Technical support department


In response to the continued growth of Macawi, our Technical Support engineer Thomas de Wild will become a full member of the Macawi development team.
As Technical Support engineer Thomas will be succeeded by Koen Gruitrooij, who has been employed at Demcon since 2020.

Koen has a vast experience within Demcon as Group Lead, Manager QA/RA and Quality specialist.
Moreover, he has a background in the industry in general, business services and medical device development and he has worked on the development of a wide variety of medical devices.
Within Demcon Koen was involved in the realization of the DemcAir production during the covid pandemic and he has gained further knowledge of our technology via his QA/RA involvement for the Macawi Turbine Blower and the Macawi Respiratory Module.

Koen will support you during the integration of the Macawi technology from a technical perspective.
In addition, he can answer your questions regarding the pathway to product certification and regulatory compliance.

Thomas de Wild shifts to the Macawi development team

Koen Gruitrooy is our new Technical support engineer

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