Tom Stelwagen new Product Developer


Tom Stelwagen recently joined Demcon Macawi Respiratory Systems as a product developer.
He has a strong background in electrical and biomedical engineering. And is eager to make a meaningful contribution to the Macawi respiratory module and explore the application of sEMG technology.

Tom completed his studies at the University of Twente at the end of 2018. Earning a double masters degree in Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. During his academic journey, he focused on neuromodulation (modelling) in Spinal Cord and Deep Brain Stimulation, as well as biological detection methods utilizing nano-electrodes. After moving to the high tech Eindhoven region, Tom spent four years at Salvia BioElectronics working on the development of an implant for people suffering from chronic migraine.

As an engineer he is passionate about the design and development stages of innovative med-tech projects and is particularly motivated by the potential of technology to enhance the quality of people’s lives.

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