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interventional systems.

Minimally invasive medical interventions reduce the risk of complications and accelerate the patient’s recovery. We develop innovative solutions to make interventional systems more effective and efficient, combining our knowledge of mechatronics and medical workflows. In the design of physician- and patient-friendly procedures and instruments, we focus on medical as well as economic effectiveness.


combining imaging and intervention.

In minimally invasive interventions, physicians can continue to use their instruments, such as surgical pincers and needles. They can adhere to the trusted workflow, while mechatronics technology facilitates far more accurate control of an instrument’s end-effector. In collaboration with medical researchers, start-ups and OEMS, we develop advanced interventional systems, based on robotics, for example. We know how to combine imaging and intervention in one solution, such as a (CT or MRI) image-guided interventional system or a fiber-based laser system. For this, we use our broad mechatronics expertise, including specialties such as magnetic compatibility and optics & vision.

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“we provide the physician with haptic feedback.”

In minimally invasive interventions, it is critical that physicians can ‘feel’ what they are doing with their instrument. This can be supported by haptic feedback, for example about tissue stiffness. We perform research, using a dedicated test set-up, to supplement expert judgement with quantitative data, for optimizing instrument control. In case of disposable instruments, we address usability as well as manufacturability to make robust and cost-effective designs.


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